R. John Wright

 We  feel John is the master of the felt doll. We have been selling his dolls for about 25 years and he has attended our shows throughout the years including one of our earliest shows.  Born in Michigan, John attended Wayne State University. Following college, John traveled to New England and settled in New Hampshire. John contemplated starting a career in doll making after he came across a book The Doll authored by Carl Fox. He then met and married Susan his creative partner.  In 1976 John decided to try his hand at doll making and his early dolls sold at a local craft gallery for just $28 each!  His dolls advanced quickly beyond primitive designs and one year after making his first doll he sculpted the faces which would become his first molded felt dolls. Designs soon followed depicting the delightful little Children series premiered in 1980 around the time of the birth of the Wright's first child. The child dolls introduced a new look from R. John Wright, and the demand from collectors increased. The business moved to Cambridge, New York and specialized machinery was developed to increase production. In 1985, R. John Wright Dolls, Inc. exhibited their work for the first time at International Toy Fair in New York City. We have carried the Wright's work ever since. Today, John is a leader in the doll world. He has been licensed to do work for Disney among others.  R. John Wright dolls and animals have been honored with numerous awards, among them: the Doll of the Year (DOTY) award; the Golden Teddy award; and the Dolls magazine Award of Excellence. In 1994, R. John Wright was the recipient of the Jumeau Trophy - considered by many collectors and artists as one of the most prestigious symbols of recognition for achievement in the doll field.  Today, John and Susan Wright continue to head their enterprising and innovative company operating out of an historic three story brick Victorian building in the picturesque village of Cambridge, New York. The Wright's continue to oversee all phases of production which is still performed on-site, always stressing the highest quality in craftsmanship and integrity of design which for over twenty years have formed the cornerstones of all R. JOHN WRIGHT collectibles. Their collector club was launched in 1996. For more detailed information  visit the Wright's website at  http://www.rjohnwright.com/about.html