Teddy Roosevelt - Mississippi Bear Hunt - to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Teddy Bear! This all-felt figure of Teddy Roosevelt with the captured bear cub that started it all. Faithfully based on the vintage illustration shown here, Teddy features a custom-molded felt character face in the image of our 26th president with beautifully hand-painted features and a mohair wig and moustache. Roosevelt stands 15" tall and has a five-way jointed sculptural body. He sports an authentically-tailored costume made of felt, a detailed pair of wire rim spectacles, and hand-cobbled leather boots. Across his chest is a double row of miniature metal bullets. In one hand, he holds a replica rifle custom-made of wood and metal, and in the other outstretched arm he holds a frightened mohair cub with glass eyes and resin claws. Each piece in the limited edition of 500 will come enclosed in a deluxe R. John Wright presentation box. Included will be the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. Don't miss out on this exciting and historical edition.
Limited Edition: 500

$1,850.00 SOLD OUT