Little Prince Aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery's beloved character comes to life in this special edition of The Little Prince™. Made of wool felt and fully jointed, he is 15" tall with delicately painted features and a hand-knotted mohair wig. Wearing the classic felt jumpsuit and scarf, The Little Prince™ Aviator watches over his flower - a lovely red rose created out of felt - which blooms under a glass dome. Each set comes enclosed in a deluxe presentation box with a signed certificate of authenticity and registration forms. Limited Edition: 250 

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The Fox from the Little Prince

The Fox from The Little Prince™ is made entirely of mohair/wool fabric with a fine bushy mohair tail. Measuring approximately 5" long, he is fully jointed and features imported glass eyes and delicate airbrushed coloring. Based on a seldom-seen animal, the real-life Desert Fox (shown in the accompanying photo here), has unusually large ears and a keen intelligence. This is the first fox ever created by R. John Wright and will be produced in a limited edition of just 500 pieces worldwide. Don't miss out on this very special premiere edition. Each will come enclosed in a custom presentation box. Included will be the signed certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. Matching numbers to any of The Little Prince™ editions will be offered subject to availability.

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Little Prince - Century Edition

Ltd to just 1000, 15" inches tall. One hundred years after the birth of the author, Antoine de Saint Exupery, we  John Wright' is presenting the Century Edition of Exupery's immortal character The Little Prince. A worthy successor to the previous edition produced in 1983, The Little Prince is made of the finest all-wool felt, is fully jointed.  Based  on the original book illustrations by the author, The Little Prince features an enchanting new face sculpt and is costumed in the classic long coat with star-topped epaulets made completely of custom-dyed wool felt. The Little Prince wears hand-cobbled high felt boots and carries a custom-made metal sword. Each doll in this historic Century Edition will be individually numbered and beautifully boxed in the R. John Wright tradition. Included with each will be the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. 

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