Robert Tonner  EXCLUSIVE DOLLS FOR THE Dollery at Merry Christmas Shoppe - Thanks again Robert for making us this stunning Exclusive! Robert will be introducing our new Exclusive at our 17th Annual Doll Show this October 9th and 10th.  October 8th Preferred Customer party 7 -10 p.m. by invitation only. See doll show information on main page. All dolls will be signed by Robert thus increasing their value. 

 Our Beautiful new 3rd in a Series of Exclusive Holiday Models - is now available to order! "Eve of the Millenium" is featured below! She is stunning in her silk embroidered gold and silver dress matching jewelry. Auburn hair with pearls. Limited to just 100! Call 800-447-3655 ext 15 outside Ma or 781-447-6677 ext 15 in state Ma to order or email!

"Eve of the Millennium" is limited to just 100 only for our store. We have held the edition for two months for those customers who have purchased either the 1st of 2nd Exclusives from our store.  We have now opened the edition up to new Collectors! First come, first serve!  We do have about 15 of the 2nd in the Exclusive Series still available so new customers wishing to order the new "Eve" of the Millennium" may do so if they order the 2nd Exclusive Christmas Model now as show below! She is also quite beautiful. (See below for her picture). The 1st in the Series is completely sold out.  SOLD OUT


1998 2nd In Series Christmas Model
for The Dollery 
sold out


 Ltd. 100 - Vinyl - 19" - Available now! Just gorgeous! All dolls signed by Robert. This series was offered first to those customers who purchased the first in the Exclusive Series and is now open to all! SOLD OUT - $350.00 1997 - 1st Exclusive Christmas Fashion Model Created for the Dollery, Originally Ltd to 100 - SOLD OUT COMPLETELY


Robert's Exclusive Little Red Riding Hood for the Dollery!Just$249.99!Exclusive Caucasian face and hair. Was done for regular line only in African American.SOLD OUT

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