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Helen is featured above w/her original Pippi at one of our earlier doll shows. Helen is featured above at one of our earlier doll shows and (right) at our 2002 doll show with our exclusive Julia Grace!




Helen Kish

2009 Update! They are here! Don't wait! The edition sizes have been updated below. Taking pre-orders now with 25% deposit down, balance due when in. There are four  new 14" inch dolls. They will be $299.00 this year. "Skate  Park Chic" and "Sweet Tweens" will be separate outfits sold separately only for $70.00 each. They are not shown below yet. There is also one new baby "An Mei" in the line. In addition later in the year Kish will be introducing a new "Riley." Please, make sure to get on our mailing list for Kish dolls and our new catalogues automatically!
To Order: Call 800-447-Doll out of state or 781-447-6677 in state Ma. or email Be sure to email with your address and number for automatic mailing updates. Include your email address if you want email notification.
An On-line Doll Show with Artist Videos  are  up including Helen discussing a past line! Helen Kish at 1999 Doll Show (28k) -  Artist Video!

2009 DOLLS
email or
call 1-800-447-3655 x22
(outside MA) or 1-781-447-6677 x22 (inside MA)
25% down holds your order.  Balance due when they come or make monthly auto-charge payments.  We updated the edition sizes with the correct amounts 2/10/09.


Piper  - Chasing Butterflies 14", LE/700
with articulation.  $299.00

sold out

Piper surprises us with her honey colored eyes wide open in wonder as she stands in the Butterfly Pavilion with a Monarch perched on her hand.  She is dressed for the warmth of the day in a sleeveless, three tiered cotton print top in dreamy hues of blue, green and turquoise, with lavender  butterflies, trimmed in a coordinating cotton plaid and finished with four ivory buttons down the front. Her Capri's are a shade of blue picked from her top and even her shoes echo the colors in her summer frock. Her long wavy, honey blonde hair with a fringe of bangs is tamed slightly by pins and a lavender silk flower to one side.

Raven - High Tops & Ruffles - 14", LE/700
with articulation.  $299.00

sold out

Raven makes her appearance in 2009 as a thoroughly modern tween, dressed in a perky cotton top with a ruched, red dot bodice, ivory colored cap sleeves,  and a red & ivory flower print midriff, with a surprise touch of turquoise piping top and bottom,  before finishing in a shaped ruffle of red dots.  A little too short to pass muster with Daddy as a dress, Raven wears her top over turquoise and gray striped capris of cotton knit. The turquoise is picked up again in the laces of her black hi-top canvas shoes, decorated with  little hearts and a touch of bling. Her dark brown eyes are framed by her long dark brown hair and a denim cap pulled across her bangs.

Wren - Harvest Moon
14", LE/300
with articulation  $299.00
sold out

The 2009 version of Wren can't help it if her fashion sense turns Euro-centric from time to time. She is, after all, a child of the 21st century and as such, a citizen of the world. Perhaps even of worlds past, as seen in this reference to the folk costuming of Eastern Europe made chic.  Although it looks like 'Harvest Moon' Wren is wearing many layers, her dress is actually one piece; with a plum colored cotton 'peasant' style bodice, an apron of mustard wool felt, colorfully embroidered with abstract flowers over a double ruffle of a companionable cotton print and plum cotton.  Long sleeves made of green illusion balance the mid-calf length of the frock. Over her long dark brown mohair waves, Wren wears a delicately crocheted plum and green cap embellished with wool felt flowers.   To finish the look, Wren's feet are gracefully shod in purple leather boots… perfect for stomping grapes or dancing the Csardas!

"Urban" Song
14", LE/750
with articulation.  $299.00

We do not have any in stock.

Song is the newest addition to our line of 14" girls. The most fashion forward of our girls this year, Urban Song wears a tie dyed orangey-red velvet top with unusual detailing at the sleeves and low hemline.  Not
exactly ruffles, not exactly shredded, but what we will call geometric frills.  Her short bubble skirt by contrast, is sedate in color and texture (gray), while saucy in silhouette.  Black & white thigh high stockings in a dizzying op-art pattern match her boy cut panties.
Finishing touches are the black lace-up boots and little black felt shoulder bag with an embroidered flower detailing.  Song's painted eyes are soft brown and her short mohair wig is black.

An Mei -  LE/500

We do not have any in stock.

An Mei is a new head sculpt from Helen for 2009.  Originally conceived as the perfect little companion for 'Song' (Kish & Company's newest 14" head sculpt), we decided to pair her with 'Harvest Moon' Wren instead.  This little Asian girl is 8" tall and has just outgrown her bent limb baby legs to toddle forward on her little Mary Jane clad feet.  She wears a high waisted , blue cotton challis jumpsuit with puffed sleeves under her burgundy wool felt top with embroidered flowers and detailing.  Her black mohair wig is the perfect topping embellished with a silky ribbon to one side. And yes, there is still a little diaper underneath the blue suit,  just in case.  Doesn't she just speak to you? (pick me up!)

Skate Park Chic Outfit $70 LE/350

sold out

Outfit your favorite 14" doll in this sweet ensemble. The cargo style capri pants feature four functional pockets. The sides are embroidered in pink and blue flowers with seed-bead centers. Her ruffled two-tone tee has ruffled cap sleeves and hem in a rich cranberry.  The cream colored bodice is awash in more embroidered flowers. A hooded denim vest, lined in polka-dot cranberry cotton, is edged with zipper elements gives the outfit a funky edge. Strappy sandals with flower details co-ordinate perfectly colored in deep blue, cranberry, and goldenrod. Mix and match with the other outfits in our Chrysalis Collection!

Sweet Tweens Outfit $70 LE/350

We do not have any in stock.

A short knife pleated skirt with shaped straps in blue-black floral print corduroy tops a turquoise and gray striped, round necked tee. Black tights layered with red and navy striped scrunched socks give a twist to this schoolgirl chic outfit. Charcoal gray Mary Jane's and a small embroidered bag attached to the waistband of the skirt complete the accessories for your 14" sweetie. Mix and match with the other outfits in our Chrysalis Collection!


2008 Midyear DOLLS
email or
call 1-800-447-3655 x22
(outside MA) or 1-781-447-6677 x22 (inside MA)
25% down holds your order.  Balance due when they come or make monthly auto-charge payments.

Kish Midyears!

Piper Prep School
holding Poppy Play Date

Piper Prep School, 14", LE/300
with 13 points of articulation.  She wears a short dress of green and red plaid, and her wool felt jacket features a large collar and is tied at the waist with a mustard yellow leather belt.  She has long straight hair which falls to about mid-back.  $270
We do not have any in stock.

Poppy Play Date, 7 1/2", LE/500.  She wears a cotton-knit green & ivory striped dress.  Her crocheted cap still has he stem attached.  $180 sold out

Wren Sugar Plum, 14", LE/300  with 13 points of articulation.  $270
sold out

Twins Nell and Poppy are vinyl, 7", LE/200 and share a new head sculpt.  Radio Flyer Wagon comes separately for $36 (no longer available). Nell has red hair and Poppy has chestnut colored hair and both are tied with matching gingham bows.  They both wear skirted onsies with delicate embroidered details.

$180 each

sold out

Florian and Fleur are LE/200 , 6" (15cm) resin ball-jointed dolls.  Florian has black hair under his petal cap and wears a wool felt jacket. Fleur has platinum mohair and wears a coordinating dress and red wool bodice dotted with iridescent beads.

Sold as a set only for $180
We have sold out of our allotment.

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