1999 Dolls - all sold out

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Special Mid Year Introduction - Available only thru a handful of select stores throughout the US. 
 Weekend at Nana's - All our sets are signed by Helen!

  Weekend at Nana's 

Set of 3

Special Edition Trio - Available only thru a handful of select Kish dealers. Complete with 3 day * night outfits & suitcase.  SOLD AS SET &  VALUED OVER $1200.00   Special Set Promo Price -  $999.99! SOLD OUT

  You may recognize Sonja, Willem and Katya from last year. Helen was unable to get enough clothes to finish the orig. edition of 400 pieces each; therefore, she decided to decrease the entire edition size to just 100 sets, add 3 adorable night outfits & a travel suitcase - and sell it on special promotion thru just a handful of select dealers. All of our sets will be handsigned by Helen.  As you can see this is a great buy!  The dolls alone would have been $1137.00 last year - now you get three more outfits and the suitcase for just $999.99! Don't miss this great set!

Sonja (left) was $389.99 Willem (center) was $389.00 Katya (right) was $359.99 - $1137.00 last year - now $999.99 with three more outfits & suitcase!


Babies Nursery Collection - New For 1999!
All three babies wear cotton stockings and white leather slippers. The dollies have no shoes.

  Elizabeth & Polly Dolly

Elizabeth - Ltd 500 worldwide, 200 USA, 18" tall, vinyl- $399.99, Polly Dolly - Ltd 500, 300 USA, 10 inches tall, vinyl - $199.99. Elizabeth - blue eyed baby with light brown, wispy mohair. She looks fancy in her pale yellow Sunday dress and bonnet. The dress is beautifully constructed with lace inserts and pintucks. The bonnet was styled after an antique Austrian baby bonnet. Polly Dolly is a cloth-bodied doll with posable head and limbs. Polly wears a pale blue, embroidered gown in fine cotton and a matching blue bonnet over her light brown curly hair. Her eyes are blue.  SOLD AS SET DOLLERY SPECIAL: Reg. $599.99 - SOLD OUT

  Carolyn & Lolly Dolly

Carolyn - Ltd 500, 200 USA, 18" tall, vinyl - $399.99, Lolly Dolly - Ltd 500, 300 USA, 10" inches tall, vinyl - $199.99. Dark-skinned baby Carolyn has dark brown eyes and dark brown mohair curls. Carolyn wears a beautiful one-piece suit in pale blue cotton, with a smocked bishop's collar and sleeves and a matching cotton and lace bonnet. Lolly Dolly is cloth-bodied wiht posable head and limbs. Lolly is dressed in a white cotton gown with a delicately flowered, embroidered hem and matching bonnet. Her curls are dark brown mohair to complement her dark brown eyes.SOLD AS SET DOLLERY SPECIAL: Reg. $599.98 -  SOLD OUT


Ltd. 500, 200 USA, 18" inches tall, vinyl - $349.99. Vinyl doll with cloth body, movable head and posable body. Sleeping Marisa is wearing a French blue print undersuit with short sleeves andlong legs, topped by a cream-colored cotton pinafore, pintucked and lace trimmed. Her bonnet matches her pinafore framing her sweet face in lace. Her hair is pale blonde mohair, straight and wispy. SOLD OUT 

    Christening Ensemble For 18" Babies

$159.99 - SOLD OUT

In An English Garden Collection - New For 1999

  Isabelle Rose
You may remember a doll similar to this that was never produced!

Ltd. 250 worldwide, Ltd. 150 USA, 28" tall, All vinyl, Movable head, hands turn, legs slightly posable, balanced. Dressed in a 1888 style white cotton pintucked day dress with pale blue leg-o-mutton sleeves and pale blue underdress. Navy blue leather shoes. Her hair is dark brown mohair, tied in the back with a blue ribbon.

$599.99 - SOLD OUT

  Emma   Adorable - Dollery Favorite!

Ltd. 500 worldwide, Ltd. 300 USA, 16" tall, All vinyl, Fully jointed and balanced. Dressed in a French blue cotton dress with a white cotton smocked and embroidered pinafore. She wears navy blue leather slippers. Her hair is dark brown mohair and styled in loose sausage curls.

$349.99 - SOLD OUT


Ltd. 500, Ltd. 300 USA, 12" tall, All vinyl, Fully jointed and balanced. Dressed in pale blue dropped waist cotton frock with a square, white lace-trimmed collar. She wears ivory boots studded with black buttons. Her hair is pale blonde mohair in an adorable loose curl style.

$299.99 - SOLD OUT


Ltd. 250, Ltd. 175 USA, 12" tall, All vinyl, Fully jointed and balanced. Wearing a tawny-colored corduroy suit, trimmed with a white collar and brown accents and buttons. His brown shoes are the oxford style and his blonde mohair wig is cut boy-style.

$299.99 - SOLD OUT

Masked Balls and Carnivals - New For 1999
Jointed at the head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, these finely balanced dolls are extra-posable.

  Blue Pierrot  Adorable - Dollery Favorite!

Ltd. 500 worldwide, Ltd. 300 USA, 12.5 " tall, vinyl, Face painted, blue Pierrot dresses in a felt jerkin with checked cotton sleeves over a net undershirt, black tights and black leather shoes. His head is covered with a black felt cap topped with blue streamers. His eye mask is suspended gracefully on a thin wand.

$249.99 - SOLD OUT

  Blue Pierrette Adorable - Dollery Favorite!

Ltd. 500 worldwide, Ltd. 300 USA, 12.5" tall, vinyl, Pretty and ready to play in her black tights and leather shoes, Pierrette dons a felt-bodiced costume with a short, full gathered cotton skirt. Her arms are covered with fingerless, black felt and net gloves, and her beautiful, long black hair is festive with a matching bow. Pierrette's mask is studded with crystals and narrow, long feather.

$249.99 - SOLD OUT

Neptune's Kingdom - New For 1999
These Merbabies are half vinyl, half cloth dolls with mohair wigs.
Tails are posable as are the heads and arms.


Ltd. 250 worldwide, Ltd. 200 USA, 10 inches tall, vinyl, Enchanting blue-eyed blonde with gold cloth tail and halter top. She is bedecked with pearls and golden beads crowning her head, around her neck and on her wrists.

$189.99 - SOLD OUT


Ltd. 250 worldwide, Ltd. 200 USA, 10 inches tall, vinyl, Charming redheaded merbaby with a pale turquoise tail and contrasting blue-green halter top studded with crystals. Hair is tied back with a pearl-encrsted band, color matching her tail. She wears rows of gold beads on each arm.

$189.99 - SOLD OUT


Ltd 250 worldwide, Ltd 200 USA, 10 inches tall, vinyl, South Seas beauty, dark brown eyes, black hair. Pink with pearls adorning her halter. Pearl choker, eariings and captiviating smile.

$189.99 - SOLD OUT