Renata Jansen

2024 - This  artist creates exceptional work.  Renata has just completed another beauitufl custom order for us of a girl with tatoos especialy made for one of our valued clients. She is amazing. Renata has also completed  some fantastic special orders for Alice dolls including the one we just recently posted below sitting on a teacup of the clients choosing, with a rabbit in her lap and her amazing teapot shoes! Don't miss your opportunity to custom order the "Alice of your dreams".

 We have an Exclusive on Alice as we as an EXCLUSIVE dealer agreement with her and are excited about letting all of our clients know about her amazing work. Renata is from the UK. We have worked with her since 2018 when she worked on a very special custom project with the Dollery and the "Kings of Leon" band. Scroll way down below to view that project.

Portait work - please, don't miss the amazing custom portrait doll Renata created for one of our preferred dollery clients. The attention to detail is amazing and the likeness to the client... wow...right down to the designer dress, shoes, hair cut and ring! Inquire on your custom order. Email -

Be sure to scroll all the way down this page to view many, many amazing diverse pieces Renata has created. We have also  listed just a couple of her amazing works of art that were created and purchased by the Dollery clients this year.

"Alice in Wonderland" lovers- be sure to view the three previous works by Renata below incuding her little Alice with the teacup fantasy shoes and the new "teapot alice".  We are taking custom orders for similar pieces while allowing her to have creative freedom as well. We would love to hear your ideas and work with you on your custom Alice! Email

Again, we have just updated our site with MANY PREVIOUS DOLLS that Renata has created. These are all SOLD; HOWEVER, we are taking custom orders for very similar pieces and themes all the time with her. Be sure to contact or call 781-248-2464 asap for your custom order or to be on our mailing list for her amazing work!



How they are made!  Renata's dolls are small - usually in the 12" inch size or under. They are true works of art. Also note, The clothign on the majority of her dolls is all hand sculpted! It looks like fabric but it is not always! See below!

From Renata - My dolls are made from polymer clay over a wire armature. I use Cernit and Fimo as I find those clays very reliable, and strong. I paint all my dolls with Genesis heat set paint, I find after baking in the oven the paint looks bright and really part of the clay.  It has a nice matt finish. I mainly use silk and occasionally man made fibres to clothe my dolls.  I use Alpaca for my dolls hair as it is very fine and soft and sometimes I use viscose fibre which is also very fine.I make my own eyes, they are resin with a clear resin dome over coloured clay for small figures. For the larger ones I use a resin eye with a Swarovski crystal cabochon for the dome which is painted with heat resistant glass paint.

  bio:Artist biography: Renata lives  in Warrington, England with her husband.  She is 51 and has one daughter and a grandson of three. She  worked as a textile designer for 12 years until the design industry moved towards computer design.  She had been very old school with her paints and brushes.  After that Renata spent a year teaching herself to paint in oils which she really enjoyed but then her daughter wanted to make bracelets to sell at her school for charity and she thought it would be fun to sculpt little faces for them out of fimo. She researched sculpting faces on the internet and found one of a kind figures.  From that moment on she said she was obsessed. She had never sculpted before but she found it felt more natural to her than painting.


Renata has been sculpting one of a kind figures for about 15 years  and she said she still gets excited for every new project. She just loves it! She said she always finds ways to include as much painting into her figures as she can by giving them large tattoos and I she goes back to her roots as a textile designer as often as she can by painting as many flowers as she can on her figures!


Renata has primarily worked in the 11'-12' inch size because her bodies are fully sculpted; however, recently she has created in the 15" scale. She may also in the future work with some cloth and clay pieces to increase the size to 18". Right now, orders would be 15" maxium.









Custom Alice with her teacup, teapot shoes and rabbit! !  - SOLD - EMAIL KMALONE@DOLLERY.COM FOR YOUR CUSTOM "ALICE" PIECE with your choice of characters! Open to ideas! Many more photos we can show you!


2023 AMAZING NEW LARGER SIZE ALICE - this doll was sculpted and has a cloth body so she is a larger size about 13.5".  SOLD - INQUIRE ON ORDERS

She is 13" tall and with the base she is 13.5".  She has a soft body so her legs, arms, head and chest are the only sculpted areas.  Her clothes have been sewn to her so cannot be removed.  She is sculpted in polymer clay and painted with genesis paints. Her base has also been made from polymer clay. Ntice the amazing attention to detail in the card shoes and the sculpted rabbit.



2023 FABULOUS BRAND NEW WORK! "TEAPOT" ALICE IS A CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND PIECE (SOLD) - THE PIECE IS FULLY SCULPTED. TAKE A PEEK AT THOSE FANTASTIC TEAPOT SHOES! We are taking custom orders NOW and have an EXCLUSIVE to her Alice dolls. The Dollery is Renata's Exclusive dealer. We think her work is absolutely exquisite! Doll is approx. 10" inches. Email with your custom ideas!


2023 PORTRAIT WORK - THIS WAS A CUSTOM PORTRAIT PIECE CREATED FOR ONE OF DOLLERY CLIENTS THIS YEAR! Absolutely incredible. Renata created the exact dress, shoes, ring, hairstyle, beautiful face...everything was perfect! Our client was thrilled. It is SO HARD TO FIND GOOD PORTRAIT WORK! Email to order your special portrait work. Due to privacy, we are not posting our clients actual photos but we can show you examples for comparison. You will note believe how similar they are!!!!





NEW FOR 2023 - SEE BELOW- beautiful custom princess - little girl. The client loved the angel below her so Renata created a ooak for her similar but not exact. She requested no wings on this one. As you can see, she does a fantastic job recreating previous pieces while maintaining one of a kind sculpting and nature of the work. Email about your custom order or call 781-248-2464. SOLD



  Previous work - Alice in lavendar with her amazing teacup shoes! Contact about your custom "Alice" order!
  Previous work - Alice in with her large sculpted rabbit! Contact about your custom "Alice" order!
  Previous work - "Alice painting the roses red"! Contact about your custom "Alice" order!


New work for 2022 - be sure to contact us for your custom order!

Xiulan - One of a kind - Stunning - new - SOLD - contact to get on our Jansen mailing list and also to order your own custom piece.


"Aku" - this was a beautiful custom order created especailly for one of our valued dollery clients. We have many other examples of previous ballerina children and adults. Be sure to contact on custom orders.






2021 Work

Asian Fish Pond - One of a kind - Stunning piece sold thru the Dollery - contact for your custom piece. We have many examples of other beautiful dolls. This is one of her very best. We are taking custom orders for others like this. Email







PREVIOUS WORK RENATA HAS CREATED - LOVE ONE? Contact or call 781-248-2464 directly to commission your piece! She will do very similar but each is a true ooak sculpted so no two are ever exact. Her work is MAGNIFICENT. She creates everything herself. She works fairly small in the 12" size. The detail is incredible. Be sure to contact us about custom portrait work as well.



Contact us regarding Custom Angels
Fabulous lady piece-  contact us for your special order today
Rainbow girl - just amazing - contact us on your order today
Sexy lady - contact us on special orders
Painting in the Clouds-  wow, contact us about your special order.
Warrior - contact us on special orders
Ballerina - contact us on your custom order and on possible portrait ballerina dolls
Spectacular- contact us - look at the attention to detail on each flower and the tatoos.
  Amazing Warrior - contact us on your special order
One of our favorite Asian fan lady - contact us on your order
Rainbow piece - fabulous - contact us
 Another amazing piece - note the freckles
Two very different and unique pieces- you can see Renata can do about anything she puts her mind to
Wow, Elizabeth Taylor....looking for a custom piece of your favorite person or star? Contact us.
Beautiful teen - contact us about your custom order
  LIttle girl and her rabbit - contact us about "Alice in Wonderland" special orders
  Glamour lady - beautiful contact us re - your order





2018 work - PORTRAIT WORK FOR THE "KINGS OF LEON" BAND - COVER OF ALBUM - looking for your own portrait work? Contact or call 781-248-2464

Painting the Clouds - this was a custom project which we worked on with Renata in 2018 for the famous band the "Kings of Leon" - this was our first amazing project with Renata. The band used images of the dolls as they were being sculpted to promote their new album cover and then she finished each doll for each band member with their custom instruments which they currently own privately. They requested the heads be able to float in milk! It was a fie month project that turned out amazing!

Below are some of the photos

Note- Renata is an expert in doing custom portrait type dolls - she has done many famous stars and portrait pieces. If you are interested in portrait work- email