Stephanie Cauley Biography

This Louisiana artist has been sculpting for over 10 years.  She is especially gifted at sculpting Asian dolls.   Stephanie loves doing pairs of dolls because she can tell a story thru their interaction with each other.   An Optometrist by profession, it is no surprise the hand painted eyes on her dolls are so wonderful.  The mouths on her dolls are excellent as well and the teeth are perfectly placed.  

She once sculpted for Goebel and for Richard Simmons but is focused on her one of a kind pieces now.  Her dolls are made of cernit with cloth bodies and armature.  She uses mohair on her dolls.  Her pieces range from 9” – 15”.

Stephanie adds: “I've always been artsy-craftsy as was my mom.  As a child I learned how to draw, paint, embroider and sew.  I thought that I would major in interior design, but in my 1st college art class I discovered that an art career was not for me and I switch majors to life sciences.  I discovered polymer clay many years later and was told by a patient about doll sculpting classes.  I didn't know anything about the doll collector world!  I took the sculpting classes and found that I had a talent for it.  That first class was 12 years ago, but I have so much left to learn!  The continuous challenge to improve my sculpting, to get a facial expression just right, keeps me fascinated with doll-making.”

Anna's dolls and puppets are between 12 and 35 inches tall. Their bodies are made of cotton on a metal armature. The heads and limbs are formed of clay, fimo, prosculpt, paper-mache', wood and plaster and painted with acrylic paint. The hair is goat's hair or silk threads and the eyes are glass.

Anna lives and works in Conway Massachusetts, where she is inspired by the beauty of nature around her and especially the magical nature spirits.