“The Friedericys bring art to dolls while most others try to bring their dolls to art.”

                                                                                              Dolls Magazine 

Theatrical characters, mythical figures, children's heroes and heroines-these are the inspiration of the classic Friedericy Doll. Stunning, original, handmade works of art, Friedericy Dolls are one-of-a-kind, wax-over-porcelain art dolls. Never made from a mold-and therefore always unique in its appeal, every doll is hand sculpted by Judith Friedericy. Then each figure is painted, wigged, dipped in wax, costumed in fine fabric, again by hand, by award-winning theatrical costume designer Lucia Friedericy.

Many Friedericy pieces are actually full tableaus and scenes encompassing multiple dolls in hand crafted settings. Renown for their lifelike sense of movement, many dolls actually do move on turntables and atop melodic music boxes.

The collaboration of the Friedericy family in doll-making has its origin and continued inspiration in the teamwork of Lucia Friedericy and her brother John, an acclaimed sculptor, painter, and lithographer. After John's untimely passing in 1990, their mother Judith Friedericy lent her sculpting talents to the collaboration-and a family tradition was preserved.

 Lucia and Judith live and work in their homes in Pasadena, California