2002 Rosemary, Ginger & Sugar

by Ann Timmerman

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Rosemary - (left) Brown eyes, brunette hand-knotted mohair wig, fully posable, silk dress exquistely hand-embroidered smocking. Leather shoes. Wooden doll-stand. 22 inches, 55 cm, Resin, cloth body with armature.

Ginger - (middle) DOLLERY FAVORITE - Blue eyes, ash-blond hand knotted human hair wig. Fully posable. Silk dress with and-embroidered smocking and fine lace. Leather shoes. 23 inches, 58 cm, Resin, cloth body with armature.

Sugar - (right) Dollery favorite - Brown eyes, dark blond hand knotted mohair wig. Fully posable. Batiste dress and bonnet exquistely decorated with lace and hand embroidery. 18.5 inches, 46 cm, resin, cloth body with armature. 

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