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Dollery Gift Boutique
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Secondary Market  

Secondary Market Doll Identification & Evaluation Policy

 We have specialized in high end, one-of-a-kind and small limited edition artist dolls for over 37 years. We take pride in representing New and Secondary Market dolls now.

NEED TO IDENTIFY YOUR DOLL(S)? Because of the constant daily requests to identify dolls, we have now instituted a $15 Identification Fee.  This is extremely time consuming and we are unable to do it any longer for free.  We have extensive files going back to the early 1980’s.    We do not know about or have information prior to this. 

SECONDARY FAIR MARKET VALUE: Please add $5 if you want us to give our opinion of what we think your doll is worth in today’s market. We have been in the doll business since 1983 and dealing in the Secondary Market for 4 years.

1.       To have your doll identified, please send $15 via Paypal to and put in the Notes section “Doll Identification Fee.”  To also find out what the doll is worth add an additional $5 making the total $20. “Doll Identification and Value Fee.”  Or, you can call with your credit card number.

2.       Pictures: Take a full shot of entire doll, doll’s face, back of the neck, hang-tag, certificate, box and any other identification information and send to Kim at 

From here, we should be able to provide you with the artist name, approximate year, estimated original value and, if you paid the additional $5, what you might expect to get for it on today’s market.  If we cannot provide this information to you within one week, we will refund your payment in full.  Otherwise, once information is provided, no refunds will be made.

1 Doll =$20, 2-5 Dolls = $50, 2-10 Dolls = $75, 10+ = ask.
 All Identification & Value fees can be applied to the Secondary Listing Fee should you choose to list with us within 2 days.

SELLING YOUR DOLLS THROUGH THE DOLLERY:  If you are interested in selling your doll collection through the Dollery, please email Kim at and request our Secondary Market Consignment Policy.   Follow the instructions presented in the Policy to list your dolls.  It is $50 to list 1-5 dolls for either 3 or 6 months. We will evaluate and value your dolls for FREE once the $50 Listing Fee is paid.

Bought your doll through us after 1999?  Your doll information will be in our database. In some cases fees will be less for our valued Dollery patrons depending on type and number of dolls you have to sell.


1.  Antique dolls, or the majority of dolls prior to 1980.

2.  Any mass market doll (with production over 500 pieces, except Himstedt)

3.  Himstedt doll prior to 2000, Dolls by Pauline, Madame Alexander, Seymour Mann, Rusty, Kingstate, Ginny, Marie Osmond, Cabbage Patch, HSN (Home Shopping Network), Ashton-Drake, Adora or Lee Middleton dolls.

4.  We do not represent Teddy Bears (except Lulu Tatum or R. John Wright)

4.  We do not restore antique dolls or fix new ones.

We hope this has answered your questions.  If not, please do not hesitate to contact Kim at


Call 1-781-447-6677 or email Kim Malone at

How It All Works.....

We have been contacted by people who are interested in selling some of their dolls.  Once a Selling price is agreed upon by both the seller and the buyer, a deposit of 1/2 is required from the Buyer.  Once deposit is made we will have the doll shipped to us at the Seller's expense. We will then inspect the doll and give it the Dollery Stamp of Approval.  We will send you the results of our inspection along with images.  Once approved by the Buyer, s/he can pay the balance + shipping or make 2 more equal payments.  Once the Buyer has paid in full for the doll, it will be shipped to the Buyer at the Buyer's expense.

Once the Buyer has approved the inspection pictures and findings an we have shipped the doll, there are NO RETURNS ON SECONDARY MARKET DOLLS. If doll arrives broken a claim will be filed and Buyer will have to take doll & box to Post Office for Inspection. Whether claim is paid or not is up to the United States Postal Service.

Once a price is agreed upon, the Buyer can pay in full using either their credit card or through our Paypal address at  You may also pay with money orders or personal checks.  If paying with personal checks, we will wait 2 full weeks for the check to clear before shipping any dolls. 

Layaway plans are available.  A 50% deposit is required and then 2 more equal payments thereafter.  We do work out longer plans if needed.

We accept MC, Visa, Discover and American Express
our Paypal address is



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