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New for 2021 -  Linda is being featured in the Dolls Magazine this month. We are thrilled to announce that Linda has been very busy working and we have EXCLUSIVE AVAILABILITY TO HER AVAILABLE WORK!

FOUR STUNNING PIECES NOW AVAILABLE - See below "The Traveler" - brand new listing ,  "Princess and the Frog" which won a Dolls Award of Excellence award for 2018 but was re-done as a red head (shown below), "Pearle" and "Allison".

We have carried Linda's work for many many years and really missed her. You can see below by scrolling down that we had many of her INCREDIBLE MONARCH and MORPHO FAIRIES!  We have had many collectors wish to special order these thru the years but she had stopped...NOW SHE IS BACK!

Be sure to order early  NOW if you are interested. Email for current quotes for special orders . Figure 6-12  months. View some samples of blue morpho wings that are available to accesorize a special ordered custom doll! Email for details.

Linda personally attended many of our doll shows and did quite a few custom orders for our customers thru the years. She only creates about 3 pieces a year.  If you are interested in her work be sure to contact to discuss options for custom fairies and or other dolls. We had an exclusive for many years of Linda's Monarch fairies and her gypsy moth fairies. Contact us about your custom orders early in the year to get in her "que"!  Linda loves to have creative freedom but she is also open to customer's thoughts and suggestions for colors and ideas. You will be amazed at the level of detail in Linda's work. The value is exceptional. They are all one of a kinds and each is a treasure. Be sure to contact us about further information

For further info on Linda and to be added to our mailing list for her work and for our free show catalogues from previous years be sure to email  You can also request further bio information by calling or emailing. Call 781-248-2464 direct line or 781-447-6677 main Dollery line for more info on Linda.


NEW FOR 2021

"The Traveler" - One of a kind






"The Princess & the Frog" - One of a kind

The Princess is made of: lower torso = air-dry clay, upper torso = polymer clay, all constructed over a tube & wire armature.  She has gray glass eyes and a custom-dyed mohair wig. The clothing is silk and antique cotton.  The leather shoes are trimmed in real Ermine as is the robe.  The frog is made of air-dry clay over a tube & wire armature reinforced with epoxy.  His shirt is antique cotton and the rest is new material including leather shoes. His eyes are green glass. 

    The full height of the piece, on the base, is approx 25.5".  The base is 13.25" wide by 11.5" deep.  The Princess figure alone is 21" tall and the frog is 10.5" toe-to-crown.  The base is surfaced in plaster field stone on a decorative hand-painted (by me) wooden frame.




"Pearl" - one of a kind - 2nd in a series of one of a kind "mother of pearl" fairies by Linda - Wings are approximately 1111 inches. They are somewhat flexible so this can vary a bit.

The figure, as seated, is approximately 20 inches from the top of the antenna (they are also somewhat flexible) to the tabletop.... that includes the base. The tip of toes to the wing edge is approximately 18 inches wide.... again factor in that the wings are somewhat flexible.









"Allison" - one of a kind


2017 -  After about 7 years, Linda is back! This was a custom order and the client had

been waiting quite a long time for her. Linda is now back in the studio working and is anxious to create.

We are pleased to announce that we can now take custom orders for similar pieces to this beautiful

"Blue Morpho" or be sure to look at our main Linda Zalme page for examples of her previous work.

If you fall in love, the best bet is to do a custom order, similar but not exact. Linda does not

make a ton of pieces so approximate wait time right now figure about 4-6 months so if you a-re- interested, order early before there is too long a line. Contact



Mira - Blue Morpho SOLD - The
See something you like but it is sold?  Consider doing a Custom Order.  Each is a one of a kind but similar themes or looks can be achieved.  Different hair, eye and costume colors of your choice! A reservation deposit is required and then you can either make monthly payments or pay the balance when the piece comes in..  Send an email to Kim at to be put on our Email List for notifications of particular artists you are interested in.

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