Hildegard Gunzel 2017 Porcelain Dolls

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Theresa $7,850.00 usd

Porcelain, Size: 98 cm/38.5”, Brown and blonde wavy wig. Brown eyes. Dress made from French silk taffeta with puff sleeves and belt made from silk brocade. Underskirt with tulle ruffles. Patent-leather boots.

(below) Cara $7,400.00 usd

Porcelain, LE/10, Size: 84 cm / 33”, Blonde hair, in two high side buns. Light brown eyes. Elegant silk taffeta dress with diamond pattern.  Embellished with rose trim. Leather shoes.

Eliana & Cara
(below) Eliana $7,850

Porcelain, LE/10, Sitting size: 57 cm/22.5”, Wavy, reddish blonde hair. Bright blue eyes. Refined dress made from fine silk and silk tulle, embellished with a rose trim.

The pictured BJD doll in silk dress can be purchased additionally for $2,000.00 usd. (Only available once in this form.)

(below) Carolina $7,850.00

Porcelain, LE/10, Size: 98 cm / 38,5”, Blonde wig with a hint of red. Blue grey eyes. Dirndl dress consisting of velvet waistcoat, silk taffeta blouse with embroidery lace, skirt made from embroidered French silk taffeta and dupioni silk. Leather shoes.

(below) Tiany Yu $7,400.00

Porcelain, LE/10, Size: 81 cm / 31,5”, Black hair with small pigtails. Brown eyes. Dress made from dupioni silk with lace trims. Leather shoes.  Accessory: panda bear (included with porcelain doll).

Resin, LE/80, $1,450.00 usd.  Black teddy bear (included with resin doll)

(below) Esther $7,850.00 usd

Porcelain, LE/10, Sitting size: 55 cm / 21,5”, Reddish brown, wavy wig. Light brown eyes. Delicate dress made from finest Swiss “St. Gallen” lace with underdress made from silk and tulle. Velvet ribbon and bow at the waist.

The pictured Pollichinelle doll (Ute Mareczek) can be purchased separately for $850.

(below) Hanna Lena, $7,950.00 usd

Porcelain,  Size: 89 cm/35”, Brown hair, blue eyes. Refined organdy dress with silk taffeta top and added flowers. White hat, leather shoes.

The small porcelain doll (Ute Mareczek) can be purchased separately for $1,280.00 usd.

Mila & Robin
(below) Mila

$7,300.00 usd porcelain LE/10

$1,450.00 usd resin LE/80

Mila is done in both Porcelain and Resin, Blonde wig with pigtails. Brown eyes. Dress made from embroidered noil silk fabric. Silk underdress with tulle ruffles.  Toys on the pictures are decoration only and not included.

Accessory: Mouse and ball (included with porcelain doll only).

(below) Robin 

$7,300.00 usd Porcelain LE/10

$1,420.00 usd Resin LE/80

Robin is done in both Porcelain and Resin, Size: 81 cm / 31.5”, Brown wig. Brown eyes. Velvet trousers with white shirt and bow. Leather shoes.  Toys on the pictures are decoration only and not included.

(below) Lisa Marie. $7,850.00 usd

Porcelain, Size: 91 cm/35.5”, Light blonde long hair wig. Greyish green eyes. Silk dress embroidered with sequins. Bow made from French silk taffeta. Underdress with silk ruffles. Leather shoes.  This may be a 1/K dress.  Variations will be available.

(below) Myrna $7,850.00 usd

Porcelain, Size: 91 cm/35,5”, Wavy, auburn hair. Blue eyes. Dress made from vintage cotton tulle with an antique pinafore.

Accessory: one fairy included. Goblin and further fairies can be purchased additionally for $800 usd and Gnome $1,280.00 usd.

(below) Nona $7,400.00

Porcelain, Size: 86 cm/33,5”, Blonde bob, greyish blue eyes. Cotton dress with millefiori print, leather shoes.

Accessory: small teddy bear (Ingrid Munzinger)

(below) Pina $7,500.00 usd

Porcelain, Sitting Size: 49 cm/19”, Auburn colored wig with two plaits. Brown eyes, silk dress with flower print. Underwear with tulle ruffles.

Accessory: little teddy bear (Ingrid Munzinger). OOAK but others available.

(below) English Rose Charlotte

$7,400.00 usd Porcelain LE/10

$1,450.00 usd Resin LE/80

Porcelain & Resin, Size: 81 cm / 31,5”, Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Smart cotton dress with knitted bolero cardigan (cotton wool). Leather shoes.

Accessory: teddy bear made from wild silk (included with porcelain doll). Fabric bear (included with resin doll).


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