W e l c o m e  to our 6th Annual On-line

How to Order Page!

The Dollery phone lines open at 8 pm EST for orders on the on-line show on Friday October 10th. We have four lines coming into the building. We are open from 8pm - 11pm EST to take orders Friday night October 10th. We are open from 10 am - 6pm EST on Saturday October 11th. We are open from 12 pm - 5 pm EST on Sunday  October 12th and Monday October 13th.

  To order at any time call 800-447-3655 ext 0 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 0 in state Ma. You may also email kmalone@dollery.com but we can not guarantee orders via email during the show so the best bet is to call. Orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Again, the show opens at 6pm EST and we will post all new work from over 30 world renowned doll artists on that day. We do our best to get them all up by 6 pm to give you time to look at the photos before we open the phone lines but we may continue to add photos that evening and throughout the weekend. Once an artist is complete we will make note of that. The on-line show runs thru October 20th. After that date, some work may still be available but  most will not be. Customers who attend the Preferred Customer Preview Party by invitation only will have first option to purchase the one-of-a-kind work between 7-8 pm EST on Friday October 10th 2003.