Sylvia Weser Biography

Sylvia began doll making in 1988.  Her first US show was in 1995.  She is now a world renowned leader in the doll industry.  Sylvia says creating her dolls is the most important part of her life and her job is a “dream job.”  She lives in a small scenic village near Munich, Germany where she has found the harmonic atmosphere and balanced state of mind to spark her innate creativity. 

Sylvia’s dolls are made from the finest white Limoge porcelain.  The bodies are leather with a full skeletal armature.  After being high fired, she paints and fires every porcelain piece up to eight times depending on skin tone.  Wigs are hand made using human hair or mohair.  Sylvia’s editions are now usually limited to 3 or under.  She is creating mainly one-of-a-kind museum quality pieces.  Her dolls range in size from 27”– 42”.  All the work is done by Sylvia herself including the gorgeous costumes which are usually one-of-a-kind also.

Sylvia has been awarded the “Rolf Ericson’s Award” for outstanding sculpture and the “Euro Doll Award” for 3 different categories.


“Mega Star” Award in October 2008, received at “Doll Salon” in Moscow, Russia

“Golden Star” Award of the Wachtanoff Gallery, December 2009, Moscou, Russia

Jane designs and sews beautiful costumes for her dolls using different fabrics including silks, taffetas and lace.  She also shops vintage stores for unique chairs, trunks, and stools for the dolls and repaints, stains and re-upholsters them herself.  Most of the arms and legs of the dolls are fully sculpted and wired. The dolls that she creates have heads that can be posed.  She uses glass eyes and human hair or mohair.  She dyes the mohair herself and makes all the doll wigs. She even usually makes her own shoes.