Silke Schloesser Biography

Silke Schloesser has been a professional artist since 1992.  In 1998 she first introduced her work in the USA.  She is also well known in Europe and Russia.  She has a vivid imagination which allows her to create very unique creatures.  Fairies, trolls, gnomes, pixies, elves, leprechauns, troll bears, witches, storybook characters and more are among the fantastic fantasies you will find by this talented German artist.  Many articles and cover stories have been written about her work.

Her full sized dolls are made of polymer clay with stuffed body and wire armature.  They are fully poseable and usually range in size from 15” to 24”.  She uses German glass eyes and human hair or mohair.  She dresses the dolls in amazing hand dyed silk velvets, vintage laces and brocades, hand embroidered silks, fine cotton and even leather.  She makes a lot of the creative little accessories herself. The smaller fairies and dolls that accompany the larger ones have the same attention to detail.

 Silke’s latest passion is 1/12 scale doll house miniature pieces.  These are usually around 2.5” – 7” pieces.  The faces are about the size of a thumbnail.  The little tables & desks filled with accessories for these pieces are usually made by her friend Karin Caspar.