Sarah Niemala 2002 Dolls!

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    Other pieces were introduced at our 2002 Doll Show - Anne Marie, Madison, Kayla and Julia are all SOLD - for photos go to our last on-line doll show at -

Brianna stands 17 inches tall on an acrylic base. She is sculpted from polymer clay. One of a kind

She holds a sculpted doll with molded hair. Brianna and her doll are dressed alike in vintage lace and silk. Special Note! We have requested that Sarah put hair and a tiny hat on her baby doll so she will look extra special for you! We do not have the baby yet but should in a week or too! Brianna's shoes are made from suede leather with clay soles. Her mohair wig is ash blonde and her hand-blown glass eyes are brown.

$2,400.00 - SOLD