1998 Himstedt Dolls

all dolls are sold out.  check out our Secondary Market Page for some that might be available.

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  Baby Liechen, $860

club doll, 7 month old from Germany

24" (61 cm)

LE/1 year production

White mohair, Amber plastic eyes with lilac




  Keri, Originally $690

seated, 4 year old from Africa

25" (64cm)

Black mohair, honey plastic eyes



  Lonneke, originally $690

5 year old girl from Denmark

24" (61cm)

LE/1 year production

Golden blond human hair, Grey blue plastic eyes



  Anna I, originally $605

5 year old girl from Germany

26 3/8" (67 cm)

LE/2 year production

Brown human hair, green plastic eyes with brown tones.


  Anna II, originally $605

5 year old girl from Germany

26 3/8" (67 cm)

LE/2 year production

Brown human hair, green plastic eyes.



  Oscar, LE/1013, originally $1,250.00

6 year old boy from Ireland,


blond human hair, grey plastic eyes with green tones.


  Catalina, orig $725

7 year old girl from Bolzano, Italy

29 1/2" (75cm)

LE/1 year production

Brown human hair, brown plastic eyes with blue




  Nikki - LE/34 ww - Porcelain, originally $5,000

boy from Germany

47cm, 18 1/2"

auburn human hair, blue glass eyes.

holds colorfully striped porcelain ball


  Tashi LE/25 ww - Porcelain, orig $6,980.00

Little girl from Nepal, 21 2/3" (55cm), hazel, soft green glimmering mouth blown glass eyes.  Long dark brown human hair, which is tied in bunches on either side with different lengths of red cord. Red & blue porcelain beads around her neck tied with a red cord.  Hand dyed red silk taffeta laces slung and knotted crosswise around her calves.  Her dress, bolero and trousers are made with original antique Nepalese cloth.  Lavishly worked waist length unfastened jacket has sleeve wings, red piping and backward split collar.  Short wide skirt. Knickerbockers made with hand dyed blueish-grey linen with red silk taffeta bow.  All basically hand crafted.  Holding a porcelain book of Bill's Journeys Around the World.




Amrika - LE/25 ww, orig $7,370.00

from Nepal. 28 1/3" (72cm) with amber-hazel mouth blown glass eyes. 5 tiny red dots belweacheyebrow and lower lashes. Long dark brown human hair is braided into one thin plaitonher leftand tied in3 high bnches, all held together by a red cord with beads and min Nepalese caps. Long fringe (bangs).

Dress, blero and trousers made with original antique Nepales cloth.  Wide skirt. Bolerowithwing sleeves richly decorated.Red cuffed hand made boots witha porcelain blossom infront and back.  Holding a hot air balloon.  The little boy Beki is curiously peeking out of the basket.

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