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! Email kmalone@dollery.com asap if interested. Some of the prior year's resin dolls are still available. Email us regarding which ones you can still purchase. Also, be sure to view our 2nd market listings to the right for Hildegard's prior 2nd market resin dolls and or the 2nd market vinyl dolls she did for Waltershauser years ago. (Click to the right). If you are interested in selling, email us and we will send you our 2nd market consignment information.

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Looking for her original wax over porcelain dolls? Don't forget to view the Wax over Porcelain line as well on a seperate page.


2016 Dolls - Resin Line

Prince Charming - available in Resin $1,450.00 usd & Porcelain $7,650.00 usd
Resin Limited Edition 80 • Size: 81 cm/ 31,5“

Blonde human hair wig. Hand-made grey-blue glass eyes. White cotton blouse, trimmed with blue seams. Woolen cardigan. Short needlecord trousers. Knee-length stockings. Leather shoes.

Bella - Resin $1,450.00 usd

Porcelain $7,400.00 usd

Small edition also in porcelain

Size : 47cm/18,5“ (Limited Edition 80 in Resin) • Porzellan-Größe/ Porcelain-Size: 41 cm/16“

Blonde, shoulder-length human hair wig with adornments. Hand-made blue glass eyes.  Rose-white silk dress with two silk bows at the front. Silk belt. Underskirt with tulle frills. Fine underwear. Leather sandals. Accessory: White teddy bear (porcelain AND resin)

Blonde, shoulder-length human hair wig with adornments. Hand-made blue glass eyes. Rose-white silk dress with two silk bows at the front. Silk belt. Underskirt with tulle frills. Fine underwear.  Leather sandals.

Accessory: White teddy bear (porcelain AND resin versions)

Candida, Resin $1,450.00 usd (she does not come with accessory as shown)

Porcelain $7,650 with accessory

Small edition also in porcelain)

Size: 98 cm/ 38,5“ (Limited Edition 80 in Resin) • Porzellan-Größe/ Porcelain-Size: 92 cm/ 36“

Black-brown, curly human hair wig with cap in beret-style. Hand-made brown glass eyes.  Two-color lavish silk dress with big cotton collar and silk bow. Silk sash at the waist. Fine underwear.  Leather half shoes. 
Accessory: Porcelain version with Marotte (only a few available). Resin version WITHOUT accessories

Lisa Marie, Resin $1,560.00 usd

Porcelain $7,400.00 usd

Small edition in porcelain also

Size: 92 cm/36“ (Limited Edition 80 in Resin) • Porzellan-Größe/ Porcelain-Size: 87 cm34“

Reddish blonde human hair wig in braids. Hair ribbon with blossom. Hand-made green glass-eyes. Fine, transparent silk blouse. Knitted pullover and woolen waistcoat, short woolen trousers with turn-ups, long stockings and scarf. Leather lace-up boots.



2015 Dolls - Resin Line

Bettina, LE/150 $1,450.00 usd

Blond wavy human hair wig. Handmade grey-green glass eyes. Taffeta dress with matching pants.Bolero vest with rose trimmed tulle. Alice band with a silk ribbon. Leather half shoes and leather purse.

Inka, LE/150, $1,460.00 usd
Inka has medium brown human hair wig with braid. Handmade blue glass eyes. Short silk balloon skirt with ruche pants. Wool bouclé jacket with silk bow. Cotton blouse. Leather half shoes.
Marei has brown long human hair wig. Handmade dark brown glass eyes. Organza silk dress with silk pants. The dress is showing a pastel colour spring application. Hair ribbon. Leather half shoes.
Marta, LE/100, $1,570.00 usd
Marta has ginger and brown human hair wig with curls. Handmade dark grey glass eyes. Balloon skirt made of silk with tulle valance and matching bolero jacket, golden enwrought knitted top, leather half bootsand leather purse.
Shani (below), LE/150, $1,410.00 usd

2014 DOLLS - RESIN LINE - are now available - click green link below to view the entire resin and wax over porcelain line in pdf format and email kmalone@dollery.com on ordering, promotional specials and extended layaway offers. Actual photos captured from the catalog are below now.  


2014 Resin Dolls

Jenna, LE/100 ww, 34" (86 cm), $1500 usd
Jule, LE/100 ww, 29.5" (75cm), $1430 usd
Merit LE/100 ww, 30.5" (77cm) $1450 usd
Nele 1 year LE/100 ww, 25.5" (65cm), $1325 usd GUNZEL IS SOLD OUT OF THIS DOLL, WE CANNOT TAKE ORDERS.
Nele Baby, LE/100 ww, 14.5" (37cm) sitting, $1350 usd 5/18/15 - GUNZEL ONLY HAS 2 LEFT.  HURRY!
Phil, LE/100 ww, 30.5" (77cm), $1450 usd GUNZEL IS SOLD OUT OF THIS DOLL, WE CANNOT TAKE ORDERS.

2013 Resin Dolls by Hildegard Gunzel

According to the Gunzel catalog it is their intention to provide the fabrics shown in the photographs but they can be affected by the availability of materials and suppliers.  While their policy is to make every effort to keep changes to a minimum, they reserve the right to vary, at their own discretion, colours, fabrics, trimming and design of accessories without prior notice.

Annika, LE/150, 32" (82cm) standing, $1,300 usd
Auburn human hair with braids, blue glass eyes, white t-shirt, jean skirt with frayed flounces, cotton leggings, cardigan.  Rose sneakers with dotted latchets.  She comes with a reproduction head play doll from about 1940-1960.

Barbel, LE/150, 30" (76cm) standing, $1,300 usd
Strawberry Blond human hair with bows, blue glass eyes, cotton blouse, cotton dress with flowers and knitted top, knitted bolero, cotton leggings, patent-leather shoes.  She comes with a felt teddy bear named Kaspar.
Gerda-Marie, LE/150, 33" (84cm) standing, $1,400 usd
blond shoulder length human hair, grey glass eyes, Dress with balloon skirt, grey wool top, wool leggings with rose bows, leather shoes.  She comes with a little reproduction resin doll Bebe Bru from about 1890.
Vivian, LE/150, 34" (86cm) standing, $1,400 usd
Brown human hair with bow, light brown glass eyes, organza lace blouse, woolen cardigan and woolen pants, wool felt hat, cotton gaiters, suede leather boots.  She comes with 2 crocheted teddy bears.

2012 Resin Dolls by Hildegard Gunzel

Annkathrin, $1,390.00 SOLD OUT but we are able to get 1 from another Doll Shop if you are interested.
LE/140, 32" (31cm) standing. Curly blond human hair, green-grey glass eyes.  Light green balloon skirt with pale pink velvet bow.  Long-sleeved white T-shirt with colorful decorations.  Cardigan with velvet applique.  Natural-colored leather half boots.  Comes with Teddy bear with decoration.
Cora $1,390.00 SOLD OUT
LE/140, 14" (36cm) sitting.  Auburn human hair with styled braids. Brown glass eyes.  Light green embroidered silk dress, petticoat with tulle ruches.  Stockings and underpants.  Leather shoes with ribbons.
Fee, $1,390.00 SOLD OUT

LE/140, 32.5"(83cm) standing.  Curly blond human hair.  Grey glass eyes.  Multi-layered salmon-colored tulle skirt.  Knee-length leggings, knitted cap.  Leather shoes.  Comes with knitted bag with woolen pompons.

Marei, $1,390.00 GUNZEL IS SOLD OUT
LE/140, 23.5" (60cm) lying.  Curly brown human hair.  Brown glass eyes.  White taffeta skirt with tulle overdress, taffeta pants.  Comes with white cushion.
Saphira, $1,390.00 SOLD OUT but we are able to get 1 from another Doll Shop if you are interested.

LE/140, 32" (81cm) standing.  Curly brown human hair.  Brown glass eyes.  Delicate brown balloon skirt with silk underskirt and silk underpants.  Long-sleeved, pale pink t-shirt, cardigan, embellished with pearls.  Black patent leather shoes.


2011 Resin Dolls by Hildegard Gunzel

Bettina, $1,280.00 SOLD OUT

LE/150, 31" standing

Blond human hair, blue glass eyes.  She wears stone-washed jeans with butterfly applique, lace leg and arm cuffs and lace blouse with ruffle collar, off-white jacket made from soft natural woolen material.  Shoes: two-tone leather boots in off-white.  Accessory: small Teddy bear.


LE/150, 33" standing

Curly dark-grown human hair, hazel-brown glass eyes.  She wears white jean leggings, white tulle ruffled skirt, white T-shirt with printed HG design with gemstones, clue leather belt with gemstones, hooded white velvet sweater with zipper.  Shoes: Blue high top sneakers with HG logo!

Frederic, $1,280.00

SOLD OUT in the Resin version.
(Per Gunzel - Frederic is available in Porcelain)

LE/150, 33.5" standing

Curly medium brown human hair, green-grey glass eyes.  He wears a checkered light brown pair of shorts with a littler sneaker clinger, white cotton hooded sweater with Teddy Bear applicque and gemstonres, striped red and white shirt, red wool jumper draped around the shoulders.  Shoes: White high top sneakers with HG logo!

Inka, $1,280.00

LE/150, 32" standing

Strawberry-blond human hair, grey-blue glass eyes.  She wears Off-white taffeta pants, taffeta skirt with tulle and pink raw silk belt, short pink jacket made from raw silk with buttons and front pocket, white stockings.  Shoes: Off-white leather boots.  Accessory: stick with plush Teddy bear head and feet.

Katja, $1,020.00 (per Gunzel there is 1 Katja available Nov 18, 2013)

LE/150, 23.5" standing

Light blond human hair, green-grey glass eyes.  She wears a white cotton dress with small dots, smocked embroidery and pink silk ribbons.  Shoes: cream-white leather shoes.


2010 Resin dolls by Hildegard Gunzel

Shani, $1,295.00 - Dollery Favorite!
18.5" or 48cm Sitting

Blue glass eyes.  Blond, long curled human hair with vanilla and striped bow.  Soft vanilla dress with striped silk collar and smocked yoke embroidered with colored yarn.  Vanilla trousers.  White ankle socks with ruffles and rose leather shoes.

Accessory: Rag Doll


Dorit, $1,020.00 - Dollery Favorite!
24" or 61cm Standing.

Light blue glass eyes.  Blond bob made from human hair with little tails and green bows.  Dress made from green silk with white tulle ruffles.  White tulle ruffle underskirt.  Trim with flower application.  Small soft bolero jacket made from tulle ruffles and flower application. White ankle socks and white leather shoes.  Accessory: Fantasy Mouse.


Jamina, $1,295.00
30" or 76cm Standing

Brown glass eyes, long dark brown hair.  White silk dress with intricately designed ruffles on the trim.  belt in soft lilac wool border.  Soft lilac woolen coat with silk covered buttons.  Soft lilac cap with little bow.  White socks and rose leather boots.

Lucille, $1,295.00
33.5" or 85cm Standing.

Glass eyes in tricolor honey-grey blue.  Red curled long human hair.  Champagne colored silk dress with bubble skirt.  Short jacket made from tender natural wool material with ruffles and rosette.  Hair band made from silk with ruffle rosette.  White woolen gaiters.  Silk socks and twin colored leather shoes in beige with silver-grey braided inserts.  Accessory: little bag with golden chain.


Rieke, $1,125.00
27.5" or 70cm Standing

Grey-green glass eyes.  Dark blond long hair with pigtails made from human hair bound with braids.  Pinafore dress with check silk top in cream.  old rose underpants.  Blouse with tulle trim on the collar and sleeves.  White lace socks and cream leather shoes.  Accessory: check Teddy Bear with green bow.


Ulla, $1,075.00
24.5" or 63cm Standing.
Blue -grey glass eyes.  Blond curly human hair with two little plaits with creme and old rose bow and hair clip.  old rose gingham silk dress with collar and button and appliqué of rabbits on the pockets.  Cream and old rose ruffles sleeve trim and on the hem of the dress.  Rose tulle underskirt.  Old rose trousers with gingham binding.  White ankle socks and rose leather shoes.  Accessory: Co-coordinating rabbit.


Miriam, $1,085.00 - Dollery favorite!
22" or 56cm lying
Sleeping baby with blond human hair and closed eyes and closed mouth.  Dress made from white batiste with lasered lace and yellow silk lining in antique style.  Knitted jacket with yellow border and pearlised buttons.  Knitted baby shoes and knitted matching cap.


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