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Michael Zajkov


The Dollery is pleased to introduce this new artist in collaboration with Russian partners. Laura Scattolini among others have recommended his work most highly.  If you are interested, please email for details on availability.

Michael is a professional sculptor with a high degree of education.  He is a 2009 graduate, with a major in Graphic Arts from the Kuban State University of Russia with a specialization in sculpture. From 2010 to 2013 he attended graduate school while working as a sculptor in puppet theater.

The first doll Michael doll created was in 2010. "The inspiration to create my first doll was the work of Laura Scattolini and Rotraut Schrott" - says the author.

Michael works with different types of polymer clay. He prefers Fimo and Cernit.

He tries to make the most realistic, emotional dolls and transfer to their features their character and personality.

First introduced to the public at the fourth international exhibition "Art Dolls" in Moscow in December 2013. He brought to the exhibition five of his dolls. His dolls - Anastasia, Antonina, Zoe, Nina, Xenia  became a sensation at the Moscow exhibition and attracted the attention of collectors and doll galleries.

These dolls are made of a polymer clay with 13 movable joints, which allows for  posture change. Dolls can be placed on a stand or can sit with legs bent at the knees. All are skillfully painted by the author.

The doll wigs are made of the highest quality French mohair. They have handmade artist glass eyes from Germany.

The dolls are presented in elegant dresses made in vintage style 1910-1915. The materials he uses are batiste, voile, silk,  and antique lace.  It is French lace from the beginning of the century.

The leather boots are skillfully made by the artist himself.


Currently (2019) Michael is mainly now doing editions of 10 pieces worldwide versus his one of a kind work. We continue to receive 2nd market work IN FREQUENTLY _ - so if you see one you love, hurry! Email or call 781-248-2464.


2019 Dolls


Currently we have no new dolls by Michael as he sells the majority of his work in Russia; and we have just sold our 2nd market doll but we are in touch with Michael and should be get new work by him or 2nd market work we will notify you so please feel free to email - Note, there are other pieces previously sold on our 2nd market page for his work as well


2nd market Treasure - 2018 Doll - Limited to just 10 worldwide - seller just purchased in Russia and selling thru the Dollery - MINT, with certificate and original box - hurry, rare opportunity  - Contact asap if interested. SOLD


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