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2015 Dolls

Somebody has been lying in my bed..... and still is! $2,295.00 usd

3 Bears made of paper clay.  They are 19", 17" and 10,". 
Goldilocks is a LE/100 made of 16" (40.5cm) resin.
The painted and antiqued handmade bed is 19" (L) x 15" (h)  x 9" (w)
Handmade mattress, linens and pillow.

Some Pig, $1,800.00 usd

A scene from Charlotte's Web. Doll is LE (100) and 16" (40.5cm) resin, same as other doll with bears.
Karen made the wood set Fern sits on. Sculpted pig, Wilbur, in paper clay, antiqued.
Doll stand is built into the metal pail she sits on so she stays in place.



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