Audrey Swarz

Fourteen years ago Audrey, an Ohio artist, became fascinated with one of a kind dolls. She found her niche with Santas ranging from 18" inches to life-size adult proportions. Her work now includes the sculpting of elves, angels and life size figures.  The pieces below were made especially for this year's show. Audrey's heads are molded onto an aluminum foil base, heavy clay is built out. Facial details including wrinkles and textures are added and finally glass eyes. Bodies are cloth over wire armature and stuffed. Hand made leather boots,  imported and vintage fabrics and unique embellishments adorn the dolls. The dolls sweaters are hand knit by Audrey herself. The Santa's wigs, beards and eyebrows are made from angora mohair. She spends hours cleaning and dying mohair and arranging thousands of individual strands the way she wants them to curl! We are thrilled she is in personal attendance this year.  She has also done some fantasy type pieces below that are reasonably priced.

 The pieces shown below on our on-line show are the only pieces we have available at this time. We will be adding her to our main site in the future.

SANTA & ELF ONE OF A KIND - Checking on all the good boys and girls!



One-of-a-kind - Polymer Clay, Glass Eyes, Mohair - Approx. 30" and 24" 

Santa and his little elf helper are checking all the names of all the good boys and girls.  Both are one of a kinds sculpted from polymer clay.  Santa is dressed in deep burgundy velvet with wonderful trims and antique fabrics used for his shirt.  The belt and boots he wears are black leather made by the artist.  Blue glass eyes and angora mohair wig and beard.  Santa holds a leather book that has blank pages so you can add all the names to the good girls and boys list whom you choose.
Santa's helper is also sculpted from polymer clay.  His eyes are glass and his angora mohair wig is red.  This little elf wears wonderful whimsical fabrics for his outfit. His shoes are created from matching fabrics to accent his costume. The trims are detailed throughout this piece.  Oak wood base.

- $1,600.00 SOLD


One-of-a-kind - sculpted from polymer clay, Cernit.  Blue glass eyes.  This Santa's beard is made by the artist, using angora mohair.  The costume is artist created and very detailed.  Silk Velvet in a deep burgundy.  Antique lace and antique fabrics used for his shirting.  The belt is made from leather and the center is an antique piece.  Boots are leather also.  His bag is lined in silk, as is his jacket.  Very elegant, with antique trims used throughout.  $950 SOLD





Jennie is one of a kind, sculpted from polymer clay. The imported fabrics used for her costume are very rich in blue, purple and gold jewel tones, and exquisitely detailed. Small matching beads drape from the caps of her sleeves and from the center of her hat. A tiny crystal is twinkling on the side of her nose. Her hair is blond angora mohair and her glass eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. This little elf sits on her antiqued gold pedestal.   Price:  $800.00



Ian is the type of elf that just by looking at him puts a smile on your face.  He is very sweet.  The costuming is all done in antique and imported fabrics in rich jewel tones.  His suspenders are created from wonderful trims.  His shoes are artist created with complementing fabrics.  Glass eyes, wig is angora mohair.
Ian sits on a antiqued gold stool.





Ever wonder how the leaves fall from the trees each autumn.  Well this little fairy whose name is Willow, flies from tree to tree dropping leaves along her way.
Her costume is from silk jersey that is artist dyed. Beads are placed in her hair and her little cap is topped with an acorn shell. All of Willow's costume is an outstanding gathering of the season's colors.  The tree she is sitting in is also artist created from bark and paper clay.  He has eyes and watches as Willow drops his leaves for him. 
Price for this creation:  $975.00 SOLD

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