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*Note, the dolls listed under artist names are just a sampling of what is available for each artist - MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON THE ARTIST NAME TO SEE ALL 2ND MKT DOLLS FROM THAT ARTIST. NEW DOLLS ARE ON THE MAIN DOLLERY PAGE.

Vickie Arentz Secondary Market

Angela Barker Secondary Market

Bets and Amy van Boxel Secondary Market - added 12/11/14 2002 Ha, 2004 Benba & Palden, 2004 Shewly
Joan Blackwood Secondary Market - added 10/15/14 1/K with Teddy and 1/K with Dolly

Jane Bradbury Secondary Market added 1/28/15 1990s Girl in Plaid Skirt

Anna Brahms Secondary Market added 3/4/15 1990s Girl in Pink Beret, 3/17/15 1994 Girl with Book & Dolly, 2003 Girl in Gold

Joanne Callendar Secondary Market
Diane Christiansen Secondary Market  1996 Little Lynnly
Bonnie Chyle Secondary Market - added 2002 Zoey

Steve & Angela Clark Secondary Market added 7/16/14 1992 Jess

Berdine Creedy Secondary Market

Christy Cummings Secondary Market

Brigette Deval Secondary Market
Pat & Glen East Secondary Market - added 8/7/14 2004 Christmas Dreamers
Inge Enderle Secondary Market
Pamela Erff Secondary Market Dolls
added - 1994 Toddler in Pink Dress
Lorella Falconi Secondary Market added 2012 Valentina Rose II
Julie Fischer Secondary Market
 added 2014 Sophie, 7/2/14 Flower Girls, 9/9/14 added Sweet Dreams, Hannah's Doll  added 10/15/14 Sisters

Francirek & Oliveira Secondary Market added

Friedericy Dolls Secondary Market   added 2002 Storytime
Emily Garthright Secondary Market

Elissa Glassgold Secondary Market - added 10/15/14 1999 African American Toddler

Gotz dolls by Joke Grobben on Secondary Market
Gotz dolls by Tara Heath on Secondary Market

Gotz dolls by Sissel Skille on Secondary Market 3/16/15 1999 Maren, 2000 Inga, 2001 Baby Kristine, 2001 Karoline, 2001 Markus, 2002 Camilla, 2002 Kristine, 2002 Tone, 2003 Anna, 2003 Jette, 2003 Ola, 2003 Tora, 2003 Tuva, 2004 Jule, 2008 Serine

Hanna Goetz Secondary Market
Hildegard Gunzel wax-over porcelains Secondary Market  added 7/15/14 1997 Harriet,1999 Isolde & Baby Pearl,
Hildegard Gunzel Resin Secondary Market  added 11/18/14 2011 Tabea
Pam Hamel Secondary Market - added 10/15/14 1999 Earth Angel
Philip Heath Secondary Market - added 1/14/15 2002 Beatrice
Eva Helland Secondary Market
Heloise Secondary Market   added 12/11/14 2001 Jeanne#3, 3/4/15 added 1990's Girl
Annette Himstedt 1999 & prior Secondary Market dolls
Annette Himstedt  Secondary Market added 1/14/15 2002 Miri, 2004 Ronja, 2005 Bunda, 2006 Aleta, added 2/16/15 2008 Sarai, added 2/19/15 2005 Moana added 3/11/15 2004 Lise, AND THERE ARE MANY MORE - CLICK MAIN HIMSTEDT LINK!
Clothes that fit Himstedt dolls
Renate Hornung Secondary Market
Maggie Made Iacono Secondary Market added 2/9/15 Alexandra and 1995 Effie
Diane Keeler Secondary Market added 8/8/14 2005 Flapper, 10/7/14 2012 Turkish Lady,
Helen Kish Secondary Market added 10/29/14 1997 Cissie, 1997 Emilie & Juliette, 1998 Pierrot, 1998 Winter
Cindy Koch Secondary Market - added 9/5/14 1993 Sydney Sky
Susan Krey Secondary Market added  1997 Melody, 10/15/14 1994 Rose,  AND MANY OTHERS!
Alexandra Kukinova Secondary Market- added 3/20/15 2004 Betty
Gail Lackey Secondary Market- added 1/28/15 1996 Elfin Children
Wendy Lawton Secondary Market- added 3/26/15 1993 Patricia & Patsy, 1993 The Velveteen Rabbit
Cynthia Malbon Secondary Market - added 1/26/15 1996 Boy on Ottoman
Rhonda Marks Secondary Market - 8/29/14 added 1992 porcelain Jessica
Maree Massey Secondary Market -  3/10/15 1992 Baby Lisette
Jan McLean Secondary Market

added 1/20/15 1995 Marilou, 1998 Jessica, 1998 Lily Marlane, 1998 Molly, added 1/23/15 - 2002 Mini Lollipop set

Gwen McNeil Secondary Market
Pauline Middleton Secondary Market
Monika Secondary Market - added  1994 Lilliana
Juanita & Monica Montoya Secondary Market added 3/16/15 1990's Mommy's Princess
Paulines Dolls & Paulinettes Secondary Market
Beatrice Perini Secondary Market added 2001 Diletta, 2003 Carolina for Gotz
Pamela Phillips Secondary Market  7/15/14 1999 Sarah (mass produced)
Marilyn Radzat Secondary Market
Michelle Robison Secondary Market  listed 3/17/15 2002/2003 Girl in Light Blue, Girl with Bear, Girl with Flowers
Lynne & Michael Roche Secondary Market   1/8/15 added 2001 Chloe as Goldilocks and 1996 Lizzie, 1/14/15 2010 Rose, 1993 Beth, 1988 Hanna, added 2/23/15 1990s Polly
Peggy Ann Ridley Secondary Market

Regina Sandreuter Secondary Market - 1/8/15 added 2002 Daphne, 2004 Tatiana, 2002 Undine,

Laura Scattolini Secondary Market  added 8/29/14 1999 I'm So Upset, 11/21/14 Shrimp,
Gerda Schaarman Rijsdijk Secondary Market -added 1/12/15, 2003 Miki
Odile Segui Secondary Market - added  1/K doll,  added 2nd 1/K doll

Silke Schloesser Secondary Market

Sissel Skille Secondary Market

 Susan Snodgrass Secondary Market - Antique Crystal Basket Fairy, Jewelry Box Fairy
Nancy Spain Secondary Market
 added 1990 Elise, 1991 Whitney
Delight Sporre Secondary Market - added 2/2/15 Field Mouse
Linda Steele Secondary Market
 1993 Ivorie, 3/4/15 1990's Bride
Angela Sutter Secondary Market
Audrey Swarz Secondary Market added 2003 Niki on Tree
Ann Timmerman Secondary Market added 1998 Joanna
Robert Tonner Secondary Market - added 1/28/15 1996 The Little Princess, 1997 Hansel & Gretel
Ruth Treffeisen Secondary Market
Carole Trobe Secondary Market - added 1/28/15 1996 Emma & Freddy
Waltershauser Secondary Market   Piccolina II by Gunzel AND MANY OTHERS!
Laura Lee Wambach Secondary Market Dolls - 10/21/14 added Redhair Naked Baby, Strawberry Blond Baby, Blond Naked Baby

Sylvia Weser Secondary Market 2/5/15 2005 Amalia

Nicole West Secondary Market  

Nancy Wiley Secondary Market

Jamie Williamson Secondary Market added 2008 A Breathtaking Moment, added  Pirate Play
R. JOHN WRIGHT added  1/14/15 1992-93 Jill,
Melissa Wyatt Secondary Market - added 2/17/15 1996 Lady in Silk Dress
Linda Zalme Secondary Market
Zawieruszynski Secondary Market
Val Zeitler Secondary Market

Dale Zentner Secondary Market


New dolls acquired thru another dealer who went out of business!

Secondary Market Dolls - Available thru the Dollery

781-447-6677 or email Kim

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LOOKING FOR NEW DOLLS? THAT IS OUR MAIN BUSINESS SO BE SURE TO GO TO if you are looking for new work by original ooak and small limited edition artists. In some cases we have new work available from the artists listed here but it is not on this page! Email with any questions.

Mini Lollipops - sold as set only

Breathtaking Moment - Ooak by Jamie Williamson now available on the 2nd mkt! Others also available. Beautiful Dale Zentner original one of a kind work now available thru the Dollery on 2nd mkt! Check out the entire page!
"Babes in the Woods" on the 2nd mkt (mint) by R. J. Wright and many others also available! Laura Lee Wambach's Naked Babies!  So Cute!

 Be sure to always check the pages as we are constantly adding. We have many more coming. Email for what you are looking for!


Further Reductions
taken 2/27/15!
The following Himstedt dolls have had their prices reduced and are priced to sell:
1999 Ullwa $375
2000 Skille
2004 Henni
2005 Maniloa
2005 Sidika

Boxel Dolls!

2003 Miki by GSR!  10" Poseable, porcelain.

Anna Brahms - actually JUST LIKE NEW - NEVER EVER REMOVED FROM HER BOX and in our storage at the Dollery!


Secondary Market Heloise dolls - many others available!

 2nd mkt dolls by Brahms

Laura Scattolini!
"Past War Songs"
 Fantastic doll priced very well - contact


Fantastic work by Jamie Williamson in our shop - just in perfect condition! Wow.

Gwen McNeil





~Wish List ~

Do you have one of these dolls and would like to sell it?


Let us know what you have!
There are many more not on this list

Vivian by Jutta Kissling Francoise Filaci dolls
by Elissa Glassgold for Gotz
Original Carla Rauser porcelains
Looking for Sonja
2004 Georgie Girl
by Jan McLean
Porcelain Masterpiece 2003 Samali by Annette Himstedt
2004 Porcelain Masterpiece Kari  by Annette Himstedt 2006 Lenani by Himstedt
1999 Jessica Anne by Jan McLean in blue dress 2000 Tamika by Pauline Middleton
1992 Polly and Anne by Lynne & Michael Roche 2005 Marcela & Raggedy Anne by R. John Wright
2004 Porcelain Fanike by Himstedt 2011 Bettina - Resin by Gunzel
2003 Serafina by Monica Levenig 2011 Resin Frederic by Gunzel
Isabelle by Pamela Phillips for Merry Meeting Jacob by Pamela Phillips
2010 Gotz, Paula by Bettine Klemm 2007 Lillimore by Himstedt
(no greenies)
1991 Sara by Beatrice Perini Lady Nacre and Nellie by Kukinova
1996 Anni by Heidi Plusczok R. John Wright - The small animals to go with Winnie the Pooh set
1986 Patience by Jeanne Singer  
2002 porcelain Tani by Himstedt 2010 Rose by Gunzel for Gotz
1993 or 94, Dragan & Arana (porcelain)
by Himstedt
2007 Sitting Girl with Pinocchio by Beatrice Perini
Linda Steele Dolls (must be in mint condition) Phillip Heath Dolls
2008 Benjamin by Plusczok 2006 Rein by Creedy
2006 Yasmin & Zanthe by
Jan McLean
Constance by Gunzel for Gotz
Karin by Skille through Gotz Satine by Jan McLean
Gracie Home by Philip Heath Sissy, Paulinette by Dolls by Pauline
Outfit only for 2008 Tivi by Himstedt 2007 Gunzel Diandra
2007 Himstedt Tetti 2004 Barker Chrissie
2007 Barker Charity 2004 Barker, Rachel - Bride

If you have any of these dolls and are interested in selling them, email a picture of the doll, condition, whether you have boxes & certificate and your selling price to and maybe we can sell it for you.  We only deal in dolls in mint condition. We are looking for many others too not listed!


Rhonda Marks - Jessica

Patricia & Patsy by Wendy Lawton

Rose by Susan Krey



Laura Scattolini - Blond Girl Standing

3 Les Petites by Gunzel!!



"Liza" by Hildegard Gunzel now available on the 2nd mkt thru the Dollery.






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