Waiting by Hanna Goetz

1/K, " (cm)

Contact kmalone@dollery.com or call 1-800-447-3655 (outside MA) or 1-781-447-6677 (inside MA) www.dollery.com

One of a Kind, We do have pictures of the actual doll.  Please email Kim at kmalone@dollery.com



   Due to the amount of time and paperwork involved in these transactions, there is a $20 Cancellation fee + shipping costs if the deposit is cancelled.  If the doll has already been shipped and through no fault of the Dollery or the Seller the sale is cancelled, the Buyer will have to pay exact shipping costs it cost for the Shipper to send us the doll and then also the cost to have the doll shipped back to the Seller.  This does not apply if we find the doll is defective upon inspection.

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