Sarah Niemela

This amazing artist from Minnesota began her doll making career in 1997 and usually "births" only about twenty dolls a year. A perfectionist at heart, she spent an entire year experimenting on her first doll in order to achieve a mature sculptural stye. Her inspiration comes from her thirteen children and nine grand children! Sarah devotes six days a week to her art constantly trying to perfect it. It is realism she is after. She strives to keep the dolls in accurate proportions. Sarah's dolls are all full body sculpts in a combination of super sculpey and cernit (Polymer clay). She usually sculpts the shoulder plate to just below the chest area. When she uses teeth they are individually formed and baked before each is inserted into the mouth. She uses German hand blown glass eyes. We are thrilled to have her personally appearing at this year's show.

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One-of-a-kind - Br Gl Eyes, Dk Br Mohair, 18" on wood base, dressed in white silk dress with a lace overlay. Her garland of flowers is made from paper roses - $2,400.00 - SOLD


One-of-a-kind - Bl Glass Eyes, Au Mohair, 17" on Riser, Dressed in fine cotton prints in blue, yellow and green. Her flip-flops are made from polymer clay and baked to her feet. The wig was re-done by Sarah (after our preview catalogue shot) - the perfectionist she is! $2,400.00 SOLD



Julia, One-of-a-kind, fully sculpted doll made from polymer clay.  Blond Hair (mohair) and dark blue eyes.  She sits 12 inches tall on an acrylic riser.  She wears a white silk eyelet lace dress with lace trim at the neck and arms.  Her slip is sewn from white vintage eyelet lace.  He holds a mohair bear handmade by Marlene Gaige.  $2,400.00 SOLD


Kayla, One-of-a-kind, fully sculpted doll made from polymer clay.  She stands 16 1/2 inches tall on a wood base.  She wears a blue and gold silk brocade top with a light yellow and ivory silk skirt.  Her underskirt is ivory tulle.  She holds a bunch of Lily of the Valley in her hand.  Her mohair wig is light blonde tied into a pony tail and her eyes are a light blue.  $2,300.00

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