Emily Garthright


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One-of-a-kind dressed Meredith.  Her sculpt is limited to 20.  She is porcelain with cloth & armature.  She has painted eyes and blond mohair.  She is 26 inches and carries a dolly and a dog.  She also comes with a picnic basket full of goodies.  She sits on a kitty-corner chair.  $2,300.00 SOLD


Brand New 2003 Prototype!  One of a kind outfit.  She is Porcelain with cloth & armature.  She has green glass eyes and golden blond human hair.  She is 28 inches tall.  She is dressed in Ecru & Butterscotch silk, hand smocked with silk ribbon and embroidered beads.  Antique reporduction lace on bottom of dress.  Silk ribbon embroidery is an antique peach & celadon green.  Shoes are light green puddy with celadon silk bows.  Bunny is hand painted to give leather appearance.  She Holds a Victorian candy container. $2,495.00 SOLD


Edna & Lucy

Amy - Ltd 20 (Sculpt) Porcelain with cloth & armature.  Painted eyes.  She is available in Blond as Amy and Brunette as Maggie.  She has human hair.  She stands 30 inches and sits at 24 inches.  Prices range from $2,000 to $2,500 depending on one of a kind outfits.


To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, Emily has chosen to part with one of her very first cover girls ever out of her personal collection !  Edna & Lucy is one of her most highly sought after sold out dolls.  She won Idex and Dolls Award of Excellence awards. She is #5 out of 20 made of Porcelain with cloth & armature.  She has dark blue glass eyes and carrot red human hair.  She stands at 32 inches tall and is $1,499.00  She is also known as Maggie in the brunette version.  SOLD


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