Julie Fischer

Julie has been making dolls her entire life. She began sculpting in a mixed media combination of cernit and super sculpey about 22 years ago; however, she was relatively unknown in the doll world until she went ot her first show about five years ago. Since then she has become a heavily sought after artist known for her range of different expressions and quality work. Her one-of-a-kind work is still very reasonable and it sells quickly. We are pleased to have  the rare opportunity to have Julie personally appearing at this years show as she doesn't even travel to NY. Julie worked very hard this year to have a large selection of work for this year's show since her work always sell so quickly. Don't miss this opportunity to choose from a great variety! All Julies dolls are cernit and sculpey with cloth bodies and armature in the arms and legs. All have hand blown glass eyes.

All of the work we have from Julie is currently posted below  on our on-line show.. To see  more information or dolls  (sold previously) from Julie Fischer on our main site - Click here!





One-of-a-kind- Bl Gl eyes, Bl Mohair, 17 1/2" standing , Dressed in antique dress with angel bear and prayer book - $1,300.00 - SOLD


One-of-a-kind - Bl Gl Eyes, Bl Human Hair, 18" Standing  - comes complete with fairy - $1,200.00





One-of-a-kind - Br Gl Eyes, BrRd Human Hair - 18" Seated , dressed in pink vintage dress - $1,100.00


One-of-a-kind - Gr Gl Eyes, Rd Human Hair, 15" Seated , dressed in vintage dress and includes wooden chair - $1,100.00 (previously marked by mistake $1,300.00 in preview catalogue)






One-of-a-kind - Bl Eyes, Br Human Hair - 18", dressed in antique yellow dress, movable head and includes bear - $995.00 - Show Special - $895.00


One-of-a-kind - Gl Eyes, Human and Mohair, 13 1/2"  Seated, Dressed in vintage fabrics holding teddy bears - $2,400.00 - SOLD






One-of-a-kind -  Gr Gl Eyes, Bl Mohair, 18" Standing, Includes small sculpted doll and flowers - $1,100.00


One-of-a-kind -  Br Gl eyes, Br Human Hair, 18" Standing, includes chair and teddy bear - $995.00 - SOLD


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