S m a l l   L i m i t e d   E d i t i o n   A r t i s t s

Thanks for visiting our 16th Annual On-line doll show! This page features some special limited edition artists, many with ooak costuming and themes on their dolls. These are all NEW dolls not to be confused with our "Treasures from the past" secondary market section. We have MANY other artists we represent. You can view a full listing of limited edition and ooak artists if you click above to the Main Dollery Home. These dolls were featured in our show preview catalogue/slide show and there are also many other new surprise additions so be sure to click on each artists photo to view their ALL their dolls! REMEMBER THIS IS JUST A SAMPLING OF THE LTD. DOLLS WE CARRY! FOR THE FULL LISTING GO TO MAIN DOLLERY HOME ABOVE.

FRANCIREK & OLIVEIRA Amazing work from Canadian artists created in porcelain. Small ltd. dolls - under 15 with ooak costuming and themes! Lady dolls too! Surprises!



Features BJD resins in small editions mostly with ooak costuming. New Pixies & 22"! Just added two more 10:53pm.

HILDEGARD GUNZEL- Includes a all Hildegard's new 2013 dolls and this beautiful ooak themed doll. Master German artist creating dolls in wax/porcelain.



Fantastic resin BJD dolls, some limited editions, other one of a kind "themed" dolls done by Lorella. See 2nd market for porcelains on 2nd market. Updated!

MAGGIE IACONO  Wonderful felt dolls in small limited editions. View our favorites!



Fantastic small limited porcelain dolls of 5 world wide.



 Great vinyls and some porcelains in reasonable size editions. Great quality. Take 15% off during show!  Other orig. porcelain avail. on 2nd market section.



Very small limited edition ORIGINAL work resins from this famous French artist! Ooak costumed dolls created for the Dollery!



Great vinyls in small editions. Take 15% off on orders during show!



Very sweet BJD limited edition resins - SOLD






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