Jamie Williamson

Jamie tried so hard to complete this beautiful doll in time for the show but due to a family illness just couldn't finish it. She didn't want to rush it and neither did we! We have just posted a photo of the beautiful embroidered fabric Jamie will be using on her. She is shown here with a crown but she may be created into an angel or a fairy. Interested? Email kmalone@dollery.com to get on our automatic update list for the full photos when completed or you may custom reserve this head.

Also, don't miss our 2nd market section off the first page of the site "Treasures from the Past" to see her first double Royal piece ever that we originally sold and now are featuring on the 2nd market - gorgeous, in our shop and video is coming! Contact kmalone@dollery.com

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Here is the head that Jamie is working on for us!
email kmalone@dollery.com for more information.
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